LIVE is the abbreviation for LIEGEZEITENVERWALTUNG and a software which has been developed in order to plan and control aircraft checks. The checks are calculated on the basis of actual flight hours, landings or flight cycles and are displayed graphically. With support of this graphical view it is easy to identify problems or overlappings and due to this tool the planning of maintenance times can be kept as short as possible and adapted perfectly to the existing flight plan.

In order to carry out a check it is necessary to have highly professional specialists, the appropriate capacities and an authorized airport where the check can be carried out. Despite these very difficult coordinating processes the user will get the utmost support from LIVE with all the necessary information. The aim is to optimize the layover time so that the time spent on the ground is kept to a minimum. The top priority is the maximised availablity of the aircraft.

All the software has been written in Java and it is a classic client-server-application. The underlayed databases (DB2, MySQL or Oracle) can be accessed without additional software installation through any common PC with network/internet access. LIVE possesses a huge variety of interfaces, i.a. SAP-MRO (Material Repair Overhaul) and the planning tool NetLine/OPS (LH-Systems). LIVE can also be operated independently in a stand-alone environment on a PC.



It was BIT-ON GmbH and Lufthansa CityLine GmbH, who had originally the idea to develop a graphical tool, which made it easier to calculate and manage the planning of the checks for three aircraft fleets.

LIVE 1991

The first version of LIVE was already implemented at Lufthansa CityLine as early as 1991, then still under the operating system DOS, Novell Network and the database B-Tree.

LIVE 1999

The implementation of the second version of LIVE took place in 1999. The LIVE-client was written in Delphi under the operating system Windows. The LIVE server, programmed in COBOL/RPG, used the IBM operating system OS/400. The database was IBM DB2/400.

LIVE 2006

The latest version of LIVE has been in operation since 2006. The LIVE-client as well as the LIVE-server were developed using the computer language Java. Regarding the data base, the customer can choose between MySQL, Oracle, DB2 or SQL-Server. The programme is based on the latest internet standard.



is used by famous airlines, who drive the progress at a rapid pace


possesses the latest internet technologies and is well prepared for the future


already owns impressive functionalities, which are being continuously extended and improved


is unbeatably cost-effective in acquisition and operation


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