We firmly believe, that software can only be accepted by the market, if the software fully meets the expectations of the customer. BIT-ON's product LIVE is largely orientated towards the experiences and needs of our customers. Our contract model is without risk and has no long-term obligation for the customer.


The customer rents the software for a month at a time or any other longer chosen period. The programme will then be provided for this period. The invoice will be made out at the beginning of each month. If the customer does not wish to use the programme after the arranged period has expired, he stops the payment. In this case we deactivate the customer’s access and the mutual contract is finished. All operating processes take place via the internet.


Distribution and dissemination of the LIVE programme are focused on the open source concept. We believe, that we can provide our customers with a unique product at exceptionally attractive conditions. So it is advantageous, if as many clients as possible involve themselves actively in the developing process.

Of course this does not mean, that the LIVE source code will be provided by BIT-ON GmbH so that the customers can change the software to suit their own needs, as is usual within the open source community.

Our strategy is rather based on a permanent dialogue with each customer, to work the customer requests into the software in order to perfect the LIVE programme. The programme upgrades can only be performed by BIT-ON GmbH. We make these programme upgrades immediately available to all clients. Each client is free to choose, if he wants to use the programme upgrade or not. We gladly accept good ideas from small as well as large organisations.

For the further development of the LIVE programme the cooperation of all customers is required and most helpful in increasing the attractiveness of the product.